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Building Your Brand As An Author

When you decide to commit to writing a book, you also, to a large degree, commit to leadership and developing a brand platform with a strong message. And while you are a gifted, talented writer who wants to impact a lot of people, for most of the authors we work with, marketing and running a business tends to feel stressful and overwhelming. Let’s talk some…

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Do You Need To Rebrand…Or Refresh?

As brand strategists and mentors, we hear from people all the time who are ready to ‘rebrand’ their personal brand or their business. In our experience, however, it’s rarely a total rebrand that needs to happen and more often what we call a ‘brand refresh’. Now let’s clarify one important point: your brand is going to grow and evolve over time. It absolutely has to…

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How To Get Brand Clarity As An Author

When you become an author, you enter a different realm of credibility and authority. Because you have down what most people only dream about, it instantly elevates you in the eyes of your right people (as it should!). But in order to have the most impact, in order to truly stand out, and in order to create a profitable business from your work, you must…

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The Difference Between Your Brand and Your Branding

When you decide to make the leap (yay you!) to become your own service-based business, it’s natural that one of the first things you want to focus on is your branding. Oh the joy and excitement of seeing that final logo, the way your tagline sounds, the pretty colors you’ve picked’ve done it. Congratulations! You now have a brand...or do you? Here is one…

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