Building Your Brand As An Author

When you decide to commit to writing a book, you also, to a large degree, commit to leadership and developing a brand platform with a strong message. And while you are a gifted, talented writer who wants to impact a lot of people, for most of the authors we work with, marketing and running a business tends to feel stressful and overwhelming.

Let’s talk some truth here…as an author, you don’t just have an important message, you also have a business to run. While you may be thinking that developing a ‘brand’ is something for big business, the reality is that a recognizable brand is what will set you apart from every other author out there.

People don’t fall in love with a company, they fall in love with the experience they have with it. This basic principle applies to you as well. The power of understanding your brand cannot be overstated in this digital age of information overload and saturation.

You must give conscious and deliberate thought as to what you want your reputation to be and how you want people to think of you and your platform…that is if you want to build trust and be seen as an expert.

Here is our best advice and wisdom when it comes to building your purpose, presence, and profit as an author.

Be clear on what draws people to you and amplify it.

Is it your humor and quick wit, your wisdom and intellect, your ability to see strategic next steps, or your kind and caregiving nature?

So many authors who want to develop their personal brands end up diluting what makes them stand out from everyone else because they think it’s “too much”…not so we say! At the end of the day, people connect with people and this is where you get to turn up the volume on your “youness”.

Now we know what you may be thinking…you are multifaceted, how can you possibly just show one side of who you are? We get it (we’re people too!), but there are qualities and traits where you are at your best, and that’s where you want to focus. Don’t try to be something you’re not, or develop a fake persona, just amplify how you want to be perceived in a genuine way.

Narrow your focus to expand your reach.

Now we’re not talking about demographics (although that is an important part of developing your tribe), but rather having a thorough understanding of who your message is for, and how you are the only choice to help them solve the problem they are struggling with. Be clear on what your right people will able to accomplish, have, be, or do based on the results you offer.

Consistency is sexy.

While you may think you are saying the same thing over and over again, we guarantee there are people who will hear it 19 times and it’s the 20th time that it clicks for them. Consistency builds trust and reliability. When people know they can count on you to deliver on what you say you will do, your business will have people lining up to work with you.

This consistency also carries over to the look and feel of your brand. We call this your brand voice + vibe. A consistent brand is a recognizable brand.

Know your message inside and out.

Your brand message is your deepest belief about the work that you do and how it transforms your “right” people. A message is a reason not only to get behind the work that you do, but it’s also a powerful reason for people to choose to trust that you will get them the results they are looking to achieve.

Create a process or methodology that supports your work.

This is the gap between where your client is when they come to you and where you client is at the end of your time working together. Within that space is a golden opportunity to define and refine your unique framework that transforms the client and solves their problem.

Develop your brand touchpoints to create an amazing experience for your tribe.

Map out the journey from the very first moment a client becomes aware of you to becoming a raving brand ambassador. This will be a part of your overall brand experience and is a fantastic way for you to differentiate you and your work.

Building your brand foundation is one of the most important aspects of becoming a successful and impactful author.

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