Do You Need To Rebrand…Or Refresh?

As brand strategists and mentors, we hear from people all the time who are ready to ‘rebrand’ their personal brand or their business. In our experience, however, it’s rarely a total rebrand that needs to happen and more often what we call a ‘brand refresh’.

Now let’s clarify one important point: your brand is going to grow and evolve over time. It absolutely has to in order for your work to stay relevant and fresh. But that doesn’t always mean that you need to rebrand!

How do you know which one is right for you? Here is the HIB brand yardstick we use with clients.

You need to REBRAND if:

  • You’ve never built a proper brand foundation for your business (this is not your tagline or logo!)
  • The message you want to share has significantly changed
  • The people you want to serve are different then you envisioned
  • The services your business offers are going to be different
  • Your brand and business doesn’t really feel like you (and never has)

You need to REFRESH if:

  • You want your brand to suggest a different vibe
  • You haven’t updated your brand visuals in a few years
  • Your website is embarrassing
  • Your message has grown and evolved but is still essentially the same
  • You feel like you’ve outgrown your current brand

Scheduling a consult with us at HIB is the surefire way to get clear on whether or not you need to do a brand rebuild, or simply update your brand with a refresh. We can help you with both!

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