Does Your Brand Need A Refresh or A Rebrand?

As your business grows and evolves, so must your brand. But how do you know if you’re looking at a brand refresh or a full-on, build from the ground-up rebrand for your business?

Imagine for a moment that you are looking around your house and realize that the decor is a bit dated (the country kitchen with the chickens doesn’t speak to you) and doesn’t really fit your style anymore. Maybe you want to lighten things up, repaint, or change up how it’s decorated. You aren’t changing the structure of your house, but the aesthetics and appeal are going in a different direction.

That’s basically what a brand refresh is for your business. A refresh of your brand keeps it relevant, evolves with your style, and connects in a new way with your right people. The brand foundation essentially stays the same, but now you’re bringing a fresh style and perspective to your business.

Now imagine that you’re looking at your house and it’s too small and you need to expand, or there are major structural issues, or you need a different house altogether. It’s something completely different than what you had before.

This would be considered a rebrand for your business. You are making major or completely different changes to your brand foundation and your business. Maybe your business is going in a new direction, or you’re unhappy with the business you’ve created, or you want to build something different.

It isn’t always necessary to tear down and completely rebuild your brand if your business is simply going through growing pains and needs a facelift. If, however, you’re changing your mission, your audience, and want to offer something different than what you’re currently doing; then it may be time for a total rebrand.

Not sure where your brand lands right now, but you know it needs something?

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