How To Get Brand Clarity As An Author

When you become an author, you enter a different realm of credibility and authority. Because you have down what most people only dream about, it instantly elevates you in the eyes of your right people (as it should!).

But in order to have the most impact, in order to truly stand out, and in order to create a profitable business from your work, you must be able to clearly and concisely communicate what you do, what you’re known for, the results you get for clients, and exactly who those right clients are.

It’s vital that your message is clear so that people can self-select whether they are in or out of joining your movement and platform. You don’t want to have to waste a lot of time explaining to people or confusing them with vagueness or a lot of smoke and mirrors….*yawn…that’s sooo 2008*!

Most often the authors we work with are in the self-development field and it can be difficult to explain intangible results that offer true transformation for your clients.

So how you can make it easier for dream clients to hear your message, follow you, and hire you to get them where they want to go?

Brand Clarity is KEY.

The best way to get brand clarity is to understand your right people + how you are the best choice to help them get what they want.

Start where they are right now.

Your right people have a problem…and it’s keeping them stuck and overwhelmed with trying to solve it…that’s where you come in, but you’ve got to immerse yourself in how and what your right people are doing and feeling.

In other words, what is going on with them before working with you?
What are they struggling with?
What are they doing (or not doing) to get results?
Why aren’t they getting what they want?
What do they really want as a result of solving this problem?
How do they describe how they feel about this problem?

Now…imagine that they have worked with you and are very happy clients.

What are they doing differently as a result of working with you?
How are they now getting what they want?
How do they describe how they feel?
What do they have now (or are well on their way to getting as a result of working with you)?

This is where the magic of brand clarity happens. It’s not about your message or your methods, it’s about how those things will help your people get what they want.

Just by being able to answer these questions, you’ll start gaining the type of brand clarity that positions you as an expert, builds your platform, and allows you to start having the impact that changes lives.

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