Should you choose your favorite colors in your branding?

The short answer…it depends. Do a google search on the psychology of color and you’ll see what color is supposed to make us think of when we see it (notice we said supposed to?).

For example the color blue is supposed to represent stability, trust, and calmness. Banks, hospitals, and organizations that promote community would be examples of businesses that use the color blue.

Does that mean you can’t use blue in your branding if it’s your favorite color? Of course not. You simply have to decide if it fits your brand vibe and how you want to show up.

Perhaps you’ve wanted to use your favorite colors in your branding, but you’ve been told not to because of color psychology, or you’ve been using your favorite colors and your branding isn’t connecting with your ideal audience.

Here’s the piece of the puzzle that’s missing: You must think about the context of your brand colors as it relates to your brand identity.

Let’s say your brand personality is vibrant, outgoing, and energetic and you’ve used your favorite pastels as your brand palette. There’s going to be a disconnect between your brand and branding and your audience will intuitively pick up on it. 

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