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Brand Strategy Sessions

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Brand Strategy Sessions

You already know how important your brand is.

You’re a big-hearted, generous coach, author, or speaker and you know you need to focus on your brand.

So you’ve spent the time and money on expensive branding: pretty photos (that don’t really feel like you), a catchy tagline, and perhaps a logo...because that’s what you’re supposed to do right?

But very quickly most service-based entrepreneurs learn the hard way that the prettiest branding in the world doesn’t attract the right clients or bring profits into your business.

There is a reason for this...lean in a little closer, we’re about to dish.

There’s no substance behind the style. In other words...

You haven’t created a brand foundation or implemented specific strategies for your brand that will explode your business and your income.

Every time you think you’ve got it down, you still aren’t seeing the results you’re looking to achieve. Whether it’s more clients, more opportunities, or more profit; the latest tweaks, tagline, or color palette just aren’t cutting it. 

But here's the real truth about an irresistible brand:

An influential brand happens by intentional, thoughtful, strategic design.

(Something we happen to be experts in!)

An aligned brand gives you the ability to let you charge higher rates for your work (a strategic brand has the power to amplify your street cred and reputation, which allows you to command premium prices for your time and work).

It can significantly raise your authority and influence, which leads to more opportunities to speak, write, form valuable partnerships and collaborations, and adds to your business profits.

It is the most valuable asset in your business, and yet so many service-based entrepreneurs either wait until their brand is ‘perfect’ or think they can wait to spend money on their brand ‘later’.

Both ways of thinking are costing you money and clients. Quite simply, you can’t afford to wait on your brand.

A strong, magnetic brand doesn’t happen by default, or when you have a pretty logo.

That's exactly why we created our influential Brand Strategy Intensives.

Brand by Design, Not by Default

Imagine what could happen in your business if your brand had a clear message, attracted your dream clients, and positioned you as the expert you know you are.

Imagine the possibilities of the business you want with a brand you love!

  • How much more influence would you confidently have if there wasn’t any ‘brand shame’ lurking in your business?
  • How many more people would you impact with a brand message that captivates their hearts and minds?
  • How much more income would your business make as a result of a brand that positions you as a go-to expert in your industry?
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Work With Us

You’ll be amazed at what we can accomplish in one day!

Our Brand Strategy Intensive is a powerful full-day of brand strategy + alignment so that you can:

  • Get clear on your brand message
  • Connect with your dream clients
  • Build instant credibility with your signature methodology
  • Increase your sales and profits
  • Be confident with being seen and owning your brand voice

Influential Brands for Coaches, Speakers + Authors.

Brand Strategy Intensives

For coaches, speakers and authors who feel stuck trying to brand or re-brand on their own.

  • Our proprietary Brand Identity Assessment to give you the clarity you're missing

  • A full day with two highly experienced brand + business strategists

  • Our signature website and brand review that will close the gaps in your brand and branding

  • Review of your copy based on the Brand Identity Assessment and your Ideal Client Profile - the sweet spot between your brand voice + the language of your clients

  • Review and feedback on your current opt-in and nurture sequence

  • Specific strategies to improve your online presence, credibility, and authority

  • Nail down your brand message once and for all

  • A custom Strategic Action Plan based on our professional recommendations to build momentum in your business

Book Your Brand Strategy Intensive

Our Process


You'll complete our proprietary questionnaire that gives us a look into your brand + business.


You + Us = Your complete brand developed in a day. We'll meet virtually for a full day of intense brand work.


You'll run your brand and business with confidence and clarity like the badass boss lady you are! 

The Business You Want Starts With A Brand You Love

Meet Danielle + Jen

You’ll get Jen’s left-brain strategy, business acumen, and best practices in business and web design + Danielle’s right-brain intuition, quick-fire ideas, and creativity...all rolled into what our client’s call “the dynamic duo of awesome."

Get the experienced, outside perspective that you and your brand deserve. You’ll learn why focusing on your logo, tagline, and visual branding is costing you clients, cash, and impact (and of course how to fix it)!

We’ll nail your brand identity, close your brand gaps, and create a plan for you to implement so your business can start having a greater impact, influence, and income.


Book Your Brand Strategy Intensive